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Vestmark Nina
( Denmark )


Nina is a dedicated olive oil nerd with a passion and mission to spread the knowledge about and access to high quality EVOO in Denmark. She has been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2022.

Nina owns the olive oil and delicacy boutique Oliviers & Co in Denmark with her partner – a dream that came true in 2019.

Nina had been working in the Copenhagen olive oil boutique since 2006 next to her university studies – but was secretly dreaming of working with EVOO professionally. Nina spreads the love for EVOO in the Oliviers & Co boutique shop in Copenhagen, where customers are guided and can sample the extensive range of olive oils from great producers with full traceability along with other Mediterranean delicacies.

She teaches about olive oil at monthly olive oil tastings in the boutique and at special events. She also works online with the web shop and knowledge base and the connected SoMe channels, where she communicates about olive oil. Furthermore she works with the Danish press to spread the word about EVOO.

Nina has a university background in the field of Public Health Nutrition and Food Policy.




København, Copenaghen, Denmark



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Merano Alessandro

Born in Imperia in 1994 and resident in Chiusavecchia (IM), a small village where the family business is located.

He pursues the Diploma at Business Linguistic High School in 2014. He is firmly determined to carry on the family tradition in the field of olive oil production, focusing on the control of the different production phases (cultivation, harvesting, crushing and selection of olives for the very start to the various packaging processes).

Since 2016 he has been included in the “Elenco Nazionale Tecnici ed Esperti degli oli di olive vergini ed extravergini” with DD 606/16 of Liguria Region.

In 2017 he participates in the International Course of Olive Oil Cultivation, Olive Oil Extraction and Sensory Analysis of olive oils organized by Accademia Nazionale Dell’olivo e Dell’Olio and by ONAOO. In 2018 he finished the three-year course and obtained the Qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

Karlsen Stig

He has been Senior Brand Manager at Haugen-Gruppen AS, the largest food import company in Norway, with particular attention to the import, sales and marketing of internationally known brands.

Working in the food sector for more than 25 years, in companies such as Nestlé, Mars and Haugen-Gruppen AS.

The interest in olive oil began when he joined Haugen-Gruppen in 2000, with the role of Key Account Manager, with the job of selling olive oil to the main retail chains in Norway. For 15 years he has played the role of brand manager in the retail sector and for 3 years he has been brand manager in the Food Service sector.

He attended a technical course for olive oil tasters in 2015 and immediately afterwards he started his training to become Professional Taster ONAOO 2016. Been participated in International Meetings for “ONAOO tasters” since 2017. He has participated in several olive collections and pressing in Spain, Italy and Greece over the past 12 years, to learn about the different “cultures” in olive oil production (from small producers to large-scale productions) and to understand the differences.

With his knowledge he has been carrying out olive oil tasting with managers of the main chains (both in the Food Service sector and in the retail sector), shop managers, journalists, private sales organizations, and individuals as often as possible, trying to make the Norwegians understand what extra virgin olive oil really is.

Now he runs his own company Lukt, smak og nyt (smell, taste and enjoy) teaching consumers how to select and use extra virgin olive oil as a part time job and hobby.

De Marco Giovanni

Giovanni was born and raised in Caserta. His roots and love for his land pushed him to open a modern entrepreneurial reality at the foot of the Trebulani Mountains, in Pontelatone (Caserta), in which through a path of recovery, protection and enhancement of the most indicative and ancient examples of olive trees , encourages the development of marginal areas, fulfilling the important function of defending biodiversity.

In 2018 he decided to attend the Official Technical Course of the ONAOO School by passing the Selective Tests and obtaining the Certificate of Physiological Suitability.

To deepen his knowledge and refine his technique, in 2019 he decided to undertake a more in-depth training course: he enrolled in the Advanced Course and in 2021, after passing the final exams, he obtained the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

He also participated in some activities organized by the School, such as the ONAOO Meeting in 2020 and some online tasting sessions.

Fogel Catherine

Catherine Fogel has been in the world of food since 2002. She is Sourcing & Purchasing Manager of the C&E Gastro-Import Group Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

She is also the founder of Olivoteque. In 2005 she obtained the diploma of Panel Leader in a course at ONAOO. Catherine also deals with education in the world of olive oil. Catherine is part of a Cooking School and is a Professional Chef.

She is also Cheeses Maître for “Guilde International des Fromagers” in 2008 and 2011. She is an ambassador for the Scandinavian countries. In 2004 she was Judge for international food and cooking competitions.

In 2018 Catherine obtained the Qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

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Official Technical Course

Official Technical Course

The first step into the world of tasting

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An in-depth study of sensory analysis

It allows you to consolidate and deepen your knowledge on oil tasting and inclusion in the "International Register of Professional Tasters".

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Official Technical Course

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