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An authentic value, not only added, but fundamental, for the definition of an effective and convincing business profile.

Inernational Register
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Obtaining the Qualification of O.N.A.O.O. Professional Taster allows you to be included in this prestigious list. In order to maintain your enrollment in this register, in the years following the one in which you obtained the certificate, it is necessary to attend the annual professional updating meeting organized by O.N.A.O.O.

Not participating in the Meeting does not implicate the loss of Professional Taster status.

Joining the Register is essential because qualified national and international organizations and companies in the sector draw on the Register to find experts in the sector to be included in their business or popular realities where the figure of taster, selector or master blender is required.


The names of Professional Taster Members who attended the Annual Updating Meeting are published in the following register.

The enrollment in the Register is the important final milestone for all those who follow the complete O.N.A.O.O. path and become Professional Taster: a real added value which is essential for achieving an effective and efficient professional profile.

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Vestmark Nina

Nina is a dedicated olive oil nerd with a passion and mission to spread the knowledge about and access to high quality EVOO in Denmark. She has been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2022.

Nina owns the olive oil and delicacy boutique Oliviers & Co in Denmark with her partner – a dream that came true in 2019.

Nina had been working in the Copenhagen olive oil boutique since 2006 next to her university studies – but was secretly dreaming of working with EVOO professionally. Nina spreads the love for EVOO in the Oliviers & Co boutique shop in Copenhagen, where customers are guided and can sample the extensive range of olive oils from great producers with full traceability along with other Mediterranean delicacies.

She teaches about olive oil at monthly olive oil tastings in the boutique and at special events. She also works online with the web shop and knowledge base and the connected SoMe channels, where she communicates about olive oil. Furthermore she works with the Danish press to spread the word about EVOO.

Nina has a university background in the field of Public Health Nutrition and Food Policy.

De Ritis Francesca

Francesca has been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2018; she also became Coach in online courses.

She is also an olive grower and an importer of extra virgin olive oil.

For about 20 years Francesca has been in the oil sector starting as a passionate olive grower thanks to the family-owned olive groves.

Francesca has gained a deep knowledge of extra virgin olive oil from agriculture to pressing, from consultancy to marketing. She is an expert in the production of extra virgin olive oil from both Italy and the main European and North African oil producing countries.

Francesca becomes an importer of high quality extra virgin olive oil for the Dutch market; she is a consultant for specialized dealers and for catering regarding the sale, use and knowledge of the oil.

In 2018 she also obtained a diploma as a Health Coach from the INN “Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching” in New York.

Francesca has a degree in Psychology from the G. D’Annunzio University. Before embarking on the profession in the oil and food sector, he worked for 15 years for a world leader in the sportswear sector.

Lepori Elena

I developed my passion and took my first steps into the extraordinary world of extra virgin olive oil in an olive grove in Sicily many years ago.

This incredible experience led me in 2008 to want to create my own import and wholesale distribution company called ‘Lugano Fine Foods’, whose main goal was, and still is, to bring consumers a new awareness and appreciation for high quality extra-virgin olive oil, but above all by providing informative guidance and training on how to select and taste an extra-virgin olive oil, unlike most other exporters.

My business provides many high-end food and gourmet shops in the greater Toronto area, southern Ontario, Calgary and Vancouver.

As part of my efforts to educate consumers, I regularly collaborate with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and ICE offices in Toronto to promote quality olive oils through food events in collaboration with Italy. I have worked with chefs and wine importers, preparing special tasting evenings involving the pairing of food, extra virgin olive oil and wine.

In addition, I regularly provide advice through demonstrations and training courses held in our flagship partner shops where a wide variety of imported oils are available. I have been in contact with ONAOO since 2013, when I passed the first level course. In 2018, I completed my Level 2 course and became a professional taster.

Bastiani Marco

A degree in Economics and Banking, a Masters in Family Mediation, 20 years of work in a banking institution were not enough to forget his ambitions which prominently pushed him to start a new life path in 2016.

His origins were firmly planted in the family olive grove of upper Tuscia (Viterbo area, in general upper Lazio).

Since he was a child, that place represented entertainment, celebration and conviviality in the moments of harvesting and producing oil. Over the years, he began a new adventure with the aim to emulating his Etruscan ancestors, the first true ambassadors of the culture of outstanding quality.

He followed his training mainly through the big family of ONAOO and in March 2022 he obtained the certificate as Professional Taster.

He has been living in Bavaria for three years, where he conducts an activity both of consulting to specialized retailers and restaurateurs and of importing and selling of high quality extra virgin olive oils.

Bucchino Filippo

Fil Bucchino, a Florence-born and Toronto-bred trilingual documentarian, educator, and entrepreneur, has a fervent passion for olive oil, as showcased in his award-winning documentary “Obsessed with Olive Oil,” which he both hosted and co-produced.

Embracing the mission “No Grove Abandoned,” Fil founded Abandoned Grove to produce premium extra virgin olive oil from regenerated groves, raising awareness and restoring the connection to the olive tree, the landscape, the environment, and the community.

In 2023, A.I.R.O. honored Fil as the “Olive Oil Personality of the Year,” an award given to an individual who has shown remarkable commitment to spreading and sharing their passion for olive oil. Fil collaborates with numerous institutions and culinary icons, teaching master classes and working on projects with organizations such as Yale University, the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), the Italian Trade Commission, Slow Food, the Mediterranean Round Table (MDR), the Lebanese Embassy, the Italian and Spanish Chambers of Commerce, and Women in Olive Oil.

He is a regular fixture as a judge at international olive oil competitions, including EVO-IOOC, Olio Nuovo Days, Olivonomy, Orciolo d’Oro, Olive d’Or, and Canada IOOC. Fil’s expertise has been featured in various global olive oil publications, such as the Toronto Star, UAE’s Shawati’ Magazine, The Brazilian Olive Oil Guide, El Anuario Olivar Español, South Korea’s Magazine F, Italy’s Chef Andrea Perini’s “Trenta Gocce,” and the USA’s David Neuman’s “Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Truth in Your Kitchen.”

Accredited in the ONAOO International Register of Professional Olive Oil Tasters, Fil is also the only Canadian member of the Italian National Directory of Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experts at the CCIAA of Florence, Italy.

For nearly 20 years, Fil has been a passionate communicator and avid promoter of extra virgin olive oil, focusing on education, production techniques, sustainability, and health benefits. He holds a BSc in BioMedical Sciences and spent almost a decade as a professional musician, recording and performing throughout his career.

Puhk Veronica

Veronica started her career in Estonia as a Marketing Manager for one of the World’s biggest cosmetics companies.

After having her first baby in 2016, she replaced her high heels with Hunter boots and purchased a small farm in Italy to become an olive grower.

Now she imports her family’s extra virgin olive oil to Estonia: CASA FONTESTATE.

Every bottled harvest has a new label design from one of Estonia’s famous artists, which makes it a unique and memorable shopping experience every year.

She is a Professional Taster certified by ONAOO; in London she completed a Program to become an Olive Oil Sommelier.

Masaoka Asuka

I have been working for the trading company in Japan.

This company imports only Italian food products, such as high quality of EVOO, chocolate made by a genius chocolatier, many kind of balsamic vinegar and so on.

My speciality is selling these magnificent products. I try to convey not only the taste of product, but also how it is produced so deliciously.

Especially, what I gained from ONAOO changed my sales method from difficult to enjoyable. I will never stop learning and want to spread wonderful Italian products to Japan.

Comenale Pinto Angela

Angela is graduated in Psychological Sciences and Techniques. She is an agronomist, landscape gardener and professor of Agricultural Sciences. Angela follows the production of the historic family olive oil grow in Castellabate (Cilento, Salerno), using sustainable agronomic practices and she believes that “Agricultural can and must integrate with natural resources of a territory, with the aim not only to safeguard the environment, but also to pursue the best quality characteristics of product contributing to generate the well-being place, the foundation of everyone’s health”.

Since 2016 she has been a Member of ONAOO and she started her educational path. In 2020 she concludes her studies by obtaining the Qualification of Professional Taster of ONAOO.

Borel-Berta Emilie

I was born in 1970, married and have a daughter. I live in Linguizzetta, Corsica, where I have my business. In 2014 I became the manager of the SARL Moulin Oltremonti (Linguizzetta, Corsica), where I deal with the management of the olive oil mill (two-phase Pieralisi).

I have been an olive oil producer and farmer since 2008. I created the 35 hectare olive oil company, with 15 hectares of olive groves, and a nursery for the reproduction of Corsican olive trees. From 2004 to 2009 I worked at the Hotel l’Atrachjata in Aleria (Corsica) as Director.

From 1997 to 1998 I was Consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. From 1995 to 1997 I was a consultant for AEDES in Tajikistan.

From 1993 to 1995 I was a technical consultant for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Angola. From 2014 to 2017 I followed the path to become a professional taster in O.N.A.O.O. (Imperia, Italy). From 2000 to 2001 I studied Ancient History at the University Of Corsica Pascal Paoli Of Corte, Corsica.

From 1998 to 2000 I studied Classical Letters (Greek and Latin) at the University Of Aix-en-Provence, France.

From 1992 to 1993 I obtained a Master’s degree (MSc) in Political Economy from the London School of Economics in London, UK. From 1991 to 1992 I attended the 1st year of Political Sciences at the Institute of political studies of Aix-en-Provence, France.

From 1988 to 1991 I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK.

Fogel Catherine

Catherine Fogel has been in the world of food since 2002. She is Sourcing & Purchasing Manager of the C&E Gastro-Import Group Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

She is also the founder of Olivoteque. In 2005 she obtained the diploma of Panel Leader in a course at ONAOO. Catherine also deals with education in the world of olive oil. Catherine is part of a Cooking School and is a Professional Chef.

She is also Cheeses Maître for “Guilde International des Fromagers” in 2008 and 2011. She is an ambassador for the Scandinavian countries. In 2004 she was Judge for international food and cooking competitions.

In 2018 Catherine obtained the Qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

Dechelette Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle Dechelette is born and grows in Paris (France). In 2017 she graduated as Olive Oil Sommelier at the International Culinary Center in New York.

A specialist in olive oil from both hemispheres, she is the author of “EXTRA VIERGE”, a world tour of olive oil published by DUNOD in 2018 which includes also Chef’s recipes.

Emmanuelle Dechelette is the creator of the “OLIO NUOVO DAYS” which she has been organizing since 2016; it’s a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil tour and competition set in Paris; in 2015 she introduced the new harvest of Northern Hemisphere and in 2019 she introduced also Southern Hemisphere.

The aim is to gather Chefs and olive oil producers from all over the world. She is also communication expert in food and olive oil. Emmanuelle is part of the jury of Concours General Agricole in Paris.

From 2017 she is Member of ONAOO and she also started her educational path. On January 2020 she obtained the Qualification of Professional Taster of ONAOO.

Santini Daniele

Daniel Santini is an oil enthusiast, was born and raised in Tuscany, and is currently residing in Houston (Texas) with his wife and 2 children.

After more than 15 years in the corporate world, in 2017 Daniel decided to follow his passion for food and entrepreneurship by founding the Entimio artisan olive oil brand.

Since then, Daniel has developed a wealth of knowledge on olive oil, mainly thanks to the ONAOO School and through the development of the Entimio artisan olive oil brand.

In 2017 he began his studies in ONAOO and in January 2020 he obtained the Certificate of Professional Taster ONAOO. Since 2017 he is also a member of the Olive Oil Times Register.

Lu Sheng Tsai Alex

Alex, a native food enthusiast and skilled chef from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, runs a restaurant called Alessandro Mediterranean, which offers a wide array of delectable Mediterranean dishes.

Driven by his passion for European cuisine, Alex has also established a European gourmet food store.

This store specializes in various European food products and tableware, with a particular emphasis on Italian cuisine. It aims to bring authentic European flavors to its customers by providing high-quality ingredients, handcrafted products, and elegant silverware, creating a unique dining experience.

Alex honed his skills in this area as a professional olive oil taster by completing his training in ONAOO in 2018. He also serves as a trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association.

With these skills, he ensures that customers receive the finest products and services. To help customers understand European culinary culture better, Alex’s store regularly hosts cooking and coffee classes and wine-tasting events.

These activities allow customers to learn how to create authentic European dishes hands-on and bring the Italian lifestyle to their homes.

Lund Jørgen

Jørgen Lund has been an importer of EVOO in Norway for 15 years and distributes to small deli-shops, supermarkets and the HoReCa-segment.

He offers training/tasting sessions and consulting services in his national market. He has specialized in Italian EVOO and works at present with Liguria, Veneto, Tuscany, Lazio and Sicily.

He had been living and working in Genoa for 3 years since the beginning of 2000 where he picked up the passion for quality EVOO.

To improve his knowledge on the subject, he started his training with ONAOO in 2005 by attending a technical course, in 2013 he became a sommelier of olive oil at ALMA / Parma; in 2017 he becomes a Professional Taster of the ONAOO School of which he regularly attends refresher courses. Jørgen is «Full-time ambassador for quality EVOO», too.

He became also an importer of Italian wine and has started Wine Sommelier training in Norway

Giribaldi Fabrizia

Professional Taster of ONAOO since 1991 and Auditor.

Christoff Hilda

Hilda is a Certified Professional Olive Oil Taster since 2017 and Distributor of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. She is a passionate home cook and baker! She shares lots of ways to cook and bake with Extra Virgin Olive Oil on her website and on YouTube at “I Want to Cook That”.

Karlsen Stig

He has been Senior Brand Manager at Haugen-Gruppen AS, the largest food import company in Norway, with particular attention to the import, sales and marketing of internationally known brands.

Working in the food sector for more than 25 years, in companies such as Nestlé, Mars and Haugen-Gruppen AS.

The interest in olive oil began when he joined Haugen-Gruppen in 2000, with the role of Key Account Manager, with the job of selling olive oil to the main retail chains in Norway. For 15 years he has played the role of brand manager in the retail sector and for 3 years he has been brand manager in the Food Service sector.

He attended a technical course for olive oil tasters in 2015 and immediately afterwards he started his training to become Professional Taster ONAOO 2016. Been participated in International Meetings for “ONAOO tasters” since 2017. He has participated in several olive collections and pressing in Spain, Italy and Greece over the past 12 years, to learn about the different “cultures” in olive oil production (from small producers to large-scale productions) and to understand the differences.

With his knowledge he has been carrying out olive oil tasting with managers of the main chains (both in the Food Service sector and in the retail sector), shop managers, journalists, private sales organizations, and individuals as often as possible, trying to make the Norwegians understand what extra virgin olive oil really is.

Now he runs his own company Lukt, smak og nyt (smell, taste and enjoy) teaching consumers how to select and use extra virgin olive oil as a part time job and hobby.

Boeri Giuseppe

Almost 100 years after the efforts of Paie Pepin, the company passes into the hands of another Giuseppe Boeri, the current owner. Realizing the potential of the Taggiasca olive, and carried away by the family passion, Giuseppe immediately dedicated himself to modernizing and enhancing the production phase through the construction of a new oil mill, located in the family olive grove.

The ideals that drove this project, shared by his wife Patrizia and passed on to their children Alessandro and Federica, combined with his love for the territory are the key to the success of a company linked to its origins but proud to be in the forefront.

Giuseppe is a Professional Taster of ONAOO since 1990.

Calzia Dino

Dino has been a Member of the Organization since 1989. He became an ONAOO Professional Taster in 1991. He is also a member of the ONAOO Tasting Committee.

Masturzo Antonino

We have been operating in the field of EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OIL for over one hundred years, a fascinating, demanding sector, especially when one has QUALITY as its goal. Our work is inspired by the immense, innate passion for this wonderful product that has united and involved the various generations of the MASTURZO family for a century.

We have a long but simple history behind us: we were born in Arola di Vico Equense, a charming village on the Sorrento Peninsula nestled between the Lattari Mountains, known for its fresh, healthy air, its pure water springs, and its temperate, pleasant climate.

As far back as the second half of the 19th century, our ancestors produced dairy products in the family dairy, wine, walnuts and oil on the farms they owned to sell them in the nearby city of Naples and, from the beginning of the 20th century, in America. Over time, perhaps as a natural vocation, the family’s attentions focused mainly on olive oil.

Thus a first production site was set up in Naples, then in Caserta and finally, after the Second World War, in Venosa in Basilicata, the birthplace of the poet Horace, who on several occasions celebrated the bucolic vocation of this land. He is a Professional Taster of ONAOO since 1989.

Masciulli Meyer Antonella

I have been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2017. After obtaining the sensorial license, I have been a member and judge of the Swiss Olive Oil Panel (SOP) at ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management since 2002.

I have been a judge at the ZHAW International Olive Oil Award since 2002 and in other international competitions.

I am the owner and CEO of “Mitera GmbH”: producer of olive oil of Cretan millennial quality, DNA approved both in Crete and Umbria. I am also a nutritionist.

Merano Alessandro

Born in Imperia in 1994 and resident in Chiusavecchia (IM), a small village where the family business is located.

He pursues the Diploma at Business Linguistic High School in 2014. He is firmly determined to carry on the family tradition in the field of olive oil production, focusing on the control of the different production phases (cultivation, harvesting, crushing and selection of olives for the very start to the various packaging processes).

Since 2016 he has been included in the “Elenco Nazionale Tecnici ed Esperti degli oli di olive vergini ed extravergini” with DD 606/16 of Liguria Region.

In 2017 he participates in the International Course of Olive Oil Cultivation, Olive Oil Extraction and Sensory Analysis of olive oils organized by Accademia Nazionale Dell’olivo e Dell’Olio and by ONAOO. In 2018 he finished the three-year course and obtained the Qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

Özerson Duygu Elakdar

I was born in Ankara in 1978. After graduating from the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Ankara, I graduated in Marketing from the Sorbonne University.

After working for many years in the fashion sector in Paris, I decided to return to Turkey and to settle in Urla (Smyrna) in 2011, where I got married and had 2 children.

With the aim of producing the best olive oil in Urla, I started my training at ONAOO (Italy). After 5 years of training, I obtained the qualification of Professional Taster, and I launched my brand “Hiç Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. “Hiç Edible Olive Forest” is the place where my family and I produce olive oil and it is made up of 60,000 olive trees; this olive grove is the center of our holistic approach where nature, sustainable agriculture and gastronomy meet.

In 2018 we opened our restaurant, “Hiç Lokanta ve Tadım Atölyesi” (restaurant and tasting laboratory), where we emphasize all this diversity, the seasonality of nature’s treasures with New Urla Cuisine.

Now the “Hiç” brand has become a gastronomy and agricultural tourism platform with the Hiç olive grove in the center.

Gandolfi Marco

Since 1991 I’m Member of ONAOO. Tasting olive oil is one of my favourite hobbies.

In 1992 I became ONAOO Professional Taster and in 2004 I became a member of the Official Panel of ONAOO.

By participating annually in the refresher courses organized by ONAOO I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and satisfy my curiosity about the vast world of olive oil.

Over the years I participated as a judge in important National and International competitions.

Costa Pio Maria

He was born in Genoa in 1966. In 1992, he founded the company “Lorenzo Costa fu Eugenio 1860”, of which he still is the administrator.

The company deals with door-to-door sales of extra-virgin olive oil and other food products.

In 1996, he was granted the certificate of Professional ONAA taster. Since 1998, he has been a member of the official Panel Test of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa. Since 2006, he has been a member of ONAOO’s Board of Directors and he has also participated in competitions organized by ONAOO, as “IL DEGUSTATORE DELL’ANNO” (TASTER OF THE YEAR) and WORLDWIDE OLIVE OIL TASTERS’ CHALLENGE. From 2016, he has been a member of a laboratory where the real fresh Genoa’s pesto sauce is produced.

He has participated and still participates as a judge in various olive oil competitions, and in the world championship of pesto sauce prepared with the mortar in Genoa.

In addition, occasionally, he deals with the dissemination of extra-virgin olive oil tasting for restaurateurs or simple enthusiasts.

Petacchi Adriano

Adriano was born in Caniparola di Fosdinovo (MS) in 1976. Since 1996 he has been a member of the “Frantoio Moro” family business in Caniparola di Fosdinovo (MS). This activity served to quickly learn the strengths and weaknesses of the oils, and to get to know a large part of this complex matter in a direct and fully detailed way, confronting the various territorial and Italian production companies in general.

In 1999 he became an ONAOO member by participating in the Technical Course for Aspiring Olive Oil Tasters. Since 2002 he has become an ONAOO Professional Taster.

Participates annually in refresher courses organized by ONAOO, where he had the opportunity to get to know the whole world panorama of olive oil, evaluating the different organoleptic characteristics of each area of ​​origin.

Since 2012 he has been a member of the Tasting Committee of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce (Mipaaf recognition). In 2015, with the attainment of suitability for the activity, he was Head of Panel at the Pisa Chamber of Commerce. He is also sworn in national tasting boards.

Selvi Roberto

Roberto Selvi, catering professional since 2003, he defined himself as a Liquid Master: leitmotif of his job is the excellence in a liquid form! Mixologist and Bar Manager, wine connoisseur and maître, in 2019 he got passionate about the Extra-virgin’s world and in 2023 became a Professional Taster of ONAOO.

His mission is the one to promote the culture of EVOO through the catering sector.

Ogino Yuko

Japanese-born, I’ve been living in several countries including 16 years in Italy to undertake my studies.

I grew professionally as Export Manager for the Mitsubishi Italia S.p.A., in the food sector, developing a great passion for good food especially for olive oil that became my main occupation.

Back in Japan, now I work as Procurement Manager for an important company specialized in cheese imports.

In 2016 I’ve started my path in ONAOO ended in 2022 by obtaining the qualification of Professional Taster.

I hope to keep working on my passion.

Carli Lucio

He is married and he has a son (Alessandro) and a daughter (Francesca). Graduated in Food Preparation / Food Chemistry and Technology. In 1995, he obtained the eligibility for the activity of Panel Leader. President of the O.N.A.O.O. since 1997. Member of the Presidential Committee of Federolio.

Former Vice-President of SISSG (Italian Society for the Study of Fatty Substances), of which today he is Adviser. He is Adviser in Charge of Cosmetica Italia and Adviser of Netcomm (Italian E-Commerce Consortium). Since 1991, he has been active in several sectors (from quality assurance to the development of new products and systems) in the family company – Fratelli Carli Spa – of which he is with mandate of the HACCP system.

Since 1996, he has increased an e-commerce activity and other marketing activities. In 1997, he created “Mediterranea” the Cosmetics Division of Fratelli Carli, a complete range of cosmetics based on olive oil. The growth of this project has strengthened the company’s activities. Today, it is increasingly focused on the development of innovative products and projects – in Italy and abroad – for the company’s growth.

Marques Sandro

Sandro Marques is a lecturer on Food Studies and author of several books, including “The Guide to Brazilian Olive Oil”, in its third edition.

As an olive oil taster and writer, Sandro helps olive oil producers develop their storytelling and brand narrative.

He worked as an apprentice at several starred restaurants in Brazil and since 2010 has been a judge at the most important Brazilian food and culinary awards. In 2018 his book “Desserts for Princesses” was chosen by the Brazilian Federal Education Bureau to be distributed nationwide because of its educational content.

He also wrote “What do the astronauts eat?”, a children’s book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Mission. Sandro Marques is an international speaker and a judge at several olive oil competitions. In 2016 he became Member of ONAOO where he also started his educational path.

In 2020 he concluded his studies by obtaining the Qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

Alberti Edoardo

Edoardo was born in Imperia in 1994; he graduated in Business Administration in Genoa and he furthered his studies with a full time master’s degree in “Sales and Retail Management” in the “24 Ore Business School” in Milan.

Since 2020 he has been living and working in Imperia and its rear valleys. The family business of the same name is based here, which produces and trades typical Ligurian and other products

He has been started his path as an olive oil taster in 2020, since 2021 he has been registered in the National Register of Technicians and Experts. In 2023 he obtained the qualification of Professional Taster of ONAOO.

Boeri Alessandro

Since September 1995, date of my birth, I’ve been always in the olive mill of my family: first as incredulous and unconscious viewer, then as assigned to the snack time based on bread and olive oil.

Besides following the production, now I also manage the commercial area. I do represent the fifth generation in our family-run mill in Taggia on the edge of steeply Valle Argentina, land of Taggiasca olive.

Being always passionate about good food, in 2018 I achieved my Honours Degree in Food Science at the University of Parma.

In 2019 I’ve been started my educational path in the School of ONAOO, ended in 2022 when I became a Professional Taster certified by ONAOO. I think that extra virgin olive oil is not just a condiment, but a vehicle of concepts that can tell stories.

O’Brien Patrick

Patrick J. O’Brien is Director of Marketing for FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars, an importer and retailer shop founded by his wife Nancy in Bar Harbor Maine in 2009.

FIORE has expanded over the past 13 years with two more retail locations in Maine, three tasting bars and over 40 authorized resellers across the US. An evolution in sourcing began 8 years ago resulting in the acquisition of all FIORE seasonal EVOO from small producers with whom Patrick and Nancy have become friends.

Patrick was gifted the course of study at ONAOO by Nancy and over the past nearly three years has attended classes in Imperia, online and achieved the certification as ONAOO’s Professional Taster entirely in his second language, Italian, which is an additional source of pride in this accomplishment.

Being a Professional Olive Oil Taster brings much pride to the FIORE brand and an unprecedented understanding of olive oil to its customers.

Patrick leads the company in sourcing and promoting a wide range of extra virgin olive oils through tasting presentations and in-store tasting experiences available to all customers.

Özler Berk

Berk has been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2022.

His partner, Sarah Baird, and he have young olive trees in the South Island of New Zealand (Aotearoa) and they hope to produce extra virgin olive oil from their grove.

Berk, moreover, is often be found on Twitter giving plant–based cooking tips.

Franceschini Sandro

From 1988 to 1993 Sandro worked as a Buyer for “Despar Ceda Srl”.

From 1993 to 1999 he worked as Category Manager for “Reggiana Alimentari”. Since 1999 he has been Category Manager for “NORDICONAD”.

From 2017 to 2020 he was Director for FIORFIORE CASH & CARRY Srl. From 2021 to 2022, he is Category Manager for CURACASA; from August 2022, he is the contact person for CONAD NORDOVEST Sales Management with the Localism Project.

Sandro has also been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2012.

Salvagno Francesca

Francesca Salvagno represents the third generation of milling art in the family company in Verona.

Besides being the marketing and communication manager of “Frantoio Salvagno”, managing the web and social media, she also cares the overseas market of the company to keep costumers and enthusiasts’ interest alive from all over the world who research more and more detailed product information.

Francesca has been a taster of ONAOO since years because she does firmly believe that knowledge and right communication can increase awareness of this special product, extra virgin olive oil.

Anfosso Giulio

Giulio is Professional Taster of ONAOO since 1986 and he is also in the Panel of ONAOO.

Lagamba Elise

Elise lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. After a three-year educational path, from 2018 Elise is an ONAOO Professional Taster.

Her passion for olive oil began in 2011 during an investigation into the quality of olive oil in local supermarkets.

Her research resulted in a question: is the olive oil found on the shelves really extra virgin? Elise is also a traveller, gourmet and self-taught cook; loves to educate others on how to find superior quality extra virgin olive oils, especially in regions where traditional olive oil is not produced.

Collini Eva

Eva Collini was born in Turin, city historically linked to the industrial world of the automotive industry.

After working for 15 years as a Quality Engineer in the automotive industry, she decided to change her career path to start a project related to Extra Virgin olive oil. After an introductory period as a self-taster, she enrolled in ONAOO for the technical course, obtaining physiological suitability, and then for the advanced course, becoming a Professional Taster in 2023.

In the meantime, Eva started her own independent project and the only oil shop in Piedmont came to life: L’EVO di Eva. A few years later, the “oleoteca” increases the number of its customers, helping to spread the olive oil culture. In addition to the possibility of purchasing high-quality, mainly Italian oils, it is possible to organise guided tastings and buy various EVO-based products (food and cosmetics), consult books and guides related to the world of olive oil.

Eva is also registered in the National List of olive oil technicians and expert tasters at the Brescia Chamber of Commerce.

De Agazio Alessandra

Alessandra has been studies in ONAOO since 2020.

After the official technical course, which released her the certificate of physiological suitability for tasting, and after the certified tasting session, she has been subscribed in the “Elenco Nazionale dei tecnici ed esperti degli oli di oliva vergini ed extravergini” of Regione Liguria since 2022.

In 2023, passing the exam of the 2-year advanced course, she obtained the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster and she is in the International Register of Professional Tasters.

De Marco Giovanni

Giovanni was born and raised in Caserta. His roots and love for his land pushed him to open a modern entrepreneurial reality at the foot of the Trebulani Mountains, in Pontelatone (Caserta), in which through a path of recovery, protection and enhancement of the most indicative and ancient examples of olive trees , encourages the development of marginal areas, fulfilling the important function of defending biodiversity.

In 2018 he decided to attend the Official Technical Course of the ONAOO School by passing the Selective Tests and obtaining the Certificate of Physiological Suitability.

To deepen his knowledge and refine his technique, in 2019 he decided to undertake a more in-depth training course: he enrolled in the Advanced Course and in 2021, after passing the final exams, he obtained the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

He also participated in some activities organized by the School, such as the ONAOO Meeting in 2020 and some online tasting sessions.

Macchi Tomaso

Tomaso, originally from Vicenza, worked for many years in the marketing sector of an important machine manufacturer.

Driven by curiosity and a strong passion for this wonderful product, olive oil, Tomaso decides to undertake a training course aimed at deepening his knowledge and refining the tasting technique: for this reason he becomes aware of the First School in the world of sensory analysis, the ONAOO. He first enrolled in the Official Technical Course and obtained the Certificate of Physiological Suitability for Tasting in May 2018.

More and more fascinated and willing to learn, he enrolled in the Advanced Course: after two years of study aimed at deepening the tasting technique, in June 2021 he passed the exam and thus obtained the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

Tomaso also regularly attends the activities organized by the ONAOO School and is also enrolled in the National List of Technicians and Experts in virgin and extra virgin olive oils.

Mazzini Aldo

Aldo holds a degree in Economics & Business Administration from the University of Genoa and a Master’s degree in Communication and NLP with certification from Richard Bandler’s NLP Society.

He has been involved in olive oil professionally for the past 20 years and is now one of the 100 Official Panel Leaders of the International Olive Council (IOC) and does business support in Italy and abroad.

He has experience in the olive oil industry as a Master Blender and Quality control and has worked for Italian and foreign companies such as Deoleo/Carapelli and Sugat Industries Ltd. He has been a professional taster since 2000; he won the overall first prize in 2000 and 2001 in the National Competition “Taster of the Year” organized by ONAOO.

Since 2016, he has been the Ideator & Founder and Organizer of the Masters of Olive Oil International Contest (MOOOIC). He has participated in multiple Juries of National and International competitions both as a member of the Jury and as a Panel Leader.

Aldo has taken part as a keynote speaker in multiple conferences on olive oil in Italy and abroad. He has taught and held Company training courses in Italy and abroad in Italian and English.

Albornoz Ana

She is a master oil miller and sommelier. She has also been responsible for the ‘Casa Albornoz’ oil mill for four years and for the entire production process from tree management to extraction.

She is also in charge of pecans and the development of new products. Ana became a Professional Taster in 2022.

Bruyninckx Philippe

Born in a country where butter is king and mayonnaise is queen, I was pleasantly surprised by the magnificent taste and pleasantness of extra virgin olive oil during my holidays in south east Crete in the 80s.

At the time, I was working in the product engineering sector in a multinational company, but I was ready for a change. I started importing this delicious product and I set myself the challenge of letting the people who love butter in my country taste this gift of nature. As a pilot,

I knew it was possible to fly without an engine, but not without knowledge and skills. I quickly realized that additional support was needed to achieve my goals.

So I knocked on ONAOO’s door. Thanks to the dedication of the teachers, I embarked on a fascinating 3-year learning path. I enjoyed developing my skills and knowledge and thanks to this support I have seen my business grow.

Through retail, restaurant, direct sales and the web shop, I distribute two superb brands of extra-virgin olive oil, one Greek and one Spanish. is my starting point, alongside my company

Knapp Claudia

Claudia lives in Scuol (Switzerland) and in Dolceacqua in the province of Imperia, where she owns a land with olive trees. Since 2011 from these olive trees she produces extra virgin olive oil with the label “DONNA CLAUDIA”.

Registered since 2015 in the National List of technicians and experts of virgin and extra virgin olive oils – held by Mi.P.A.F.F. (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies). Claudia obtained the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster in 2017. She has been an importer of quality olive oil since 2016.

Claudia is also a Journalist for a Swiss Television – Hotel Manager – Museum Curator; she also works in the cultural sector.

Fiorentino Giuseppe

Giuseppe was born in a small town in the province of Foggia, San Giovanni Rotondo. For work reasons he moved to Campania, where he still lives today.

Strongly tied to the memories of his beloved Puglia, Giuseppe decides to open a farm to be able to carry on the family business to which his father has dedicated himself for more than 50 years; in the middle of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, every year 2,400 olive trees are finely selected in order to offer the best extra virgin olive oil.

In order to enrich his knowledge, Giuseppe decides to start his training course in the ONAOO School in 2018 and ended in 2021: after passing the exams of the Advanced Course, Giuseppe obtains the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

In addition to the training activities, Giuseppe participated in the ONAOO Meeting in 2020 and other online tasting activities also organized by the School.

Corsini Simona

Professional Taster of ONAOO since 2022.

Davletsina Liana

Since 2017 she is a Professional Olive Oil taster of ONAOO, she is also an olive oil and wine sommelier, foodie, passionate traveller.

A former lawyer, Liana established her food import company, ITALISKO SKONIO GURMANAI Ltd., focusing on extra virgin olive oil, in Italy six years ago. She also opened 3 specialized Italian gourmet stores in Lithuania.

Four years ago she established the first olive oil school in Lithuania. She organizes events, courses, tastings, tasting dinners and promotes olive oil culture.

She represents more than 20 quality olive oil producers from World’s best ranking in Lithuania.

Three years ago she was awarded by International olive oil guide Flos Olei as the best Importer of the year 2016.

Moforis George

George was born in Athens in 1978. He graduated with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering in 2002 and worked as a construction project manager until 2012.

For the past 10 years, he has developed an in-depth knowledge and appreciation for the cultivation and production of high quality olive oil, after undertaking a number of accredited training programs in Italy and Greece.

His understanding of the olive fruit and talent in sensory analysis has driven him to consistently produce EVOOs that have achieved top positions in most international olive oil competitions for his company Hellenic Fields.

In 2019 he began his journey of becoming a certified taster, which he completed by achieving the ONAOO Professional Taster Qualification in 2022. Currently he is honing his skills and knowledge even further by participating in tasting panels, as well as expanding his company’s portfolio of EVOOs with new varieties and blends.

Scoccia Marcello

Since 1986 he has been responsible for blending and sensory analysis at leading global companies in the olive oil sector.

Professional taster, Technical Deputy President and Panel Leader of the ONAOO Panel.

Lecturer in professional technical courses and university masters on sensory analysis.

Speaker at international conferences on olive oil and sensory analysis. Author of publications, articles and books on oil and tasting. Expert in international olive oil markets.

Solinas Marina

Marina has a degree in Food Preparation Sciences. She is currently the Quality Manager at the Oleificio Pietro Coricelli SpA.

Marina deals with quality certifications, contacts with customers and consumers. It also deals with the surveillance of the quality of products and processes, the control of incoming oils from a sensorial point of view.

She was also Head of Quality Assurance at Carapelli Firenze and Quality Manager of Agnesi Spa for the production of pasta in the Danone group.

Marina has been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2001. Marina was the winner in 2015 of “THE GREAT CHALLENGE – THE WORLDWIDE OLIVE OIL TASTERS’ CHALLENGE” at the Milan EXPO.

She regularly attends refresher courses organized by ONAOO of which she has also become a member of the Council in 2019.

Turkeli Civelek Ilknur

Besides her management career as a Civil Engineer and Economist, Ilknur pursued her ambition to learn more about the plants and herbs of her native Turkey and their nutritional importance since 2004, gaining degrees in Agriculture and Culinary Arts.

Growing up on the Aegean coast of Anatolia amongst ancient olive groves led her become a Certified Olive Oil Sommelier and in 2019 started her educational path in the ONAOO School ended in 2022 becoming a Professional Taster.

She currently conducts masterclasses and is a consultant on the subject of the Mediterranean lifestyle, specializing in olive oil tasting and its use in cooking since she’s a Chef.

She’s also a Business Consultant based in UK.

Van Grinsven-Padberg Wilma

I completed my training in O.N.A.O.O. in 2018. Through my work as purchasing director of Mediterranean products, I was also responsible for the olive oil category. Being Dutch, I knew very little about it and luckily I found the training in Imperia and I can safely say it changed my life.

After 12 years I quit my job as purchasing director and continued in the world of olive oil. By now I had also done the Sommelier training in New York as well as the Master Miller training in Jaen, Enough baggage to ask the Ministry to nominate me as a panel leader at the European Union.

In between, I wrote the book “Olive Oil” and this has been translated into English, French and German and still my book brings olive oil lovers the idea to follow in my footsteps and we will meet again in Imperia. O.N.A.O.O. is one big family! Meanwhile, I founded the Olive Oil Institute and the Netherlands has an IOC certified panel consisting of 15 panel members, most of them trained by O.N.A.O.O.

In addition to a panel, the Olive Oil Institute has an electronic nose so that tests can be done not only subjectively but also objectively.

Several universities are also looking for such a method and we expect that this combination will improve quality overall. However, the panel will always exist because how good is good or how bad is bad, that remains a human judgment.

Chiaraviglio Fresia Margherita

Margherita Chiaraviglio, originally from Piedmont, is the owner and the holder, together with her son Andrea Fresia, of the company “Frantoio Fresia Srl” located in Chiusavecchia in the Imperia’s hinterland.

She had been catapulted in the olive oil world after the wedding and, after his death, she has been continuing his job and growing her passion in the olive oil sector.

Margherita, after the technical course, registered to the advanced course organized by ONAOO School; in 2023, after passing the final exam, she obtained the qualification of Professional Taster of ONAOO

Nebioĝlu Müge

I was born in 1981 in Eskisehir. I am married and have three children. In 2003 I graduated from Uludağ University Food Engineering. In 2006 I completed my Master’s degree in Food Engineering at Uludağ University. I started the doctorate in Ege University Food Engineering in 2014 about oils and fats technology- olive oils and phenolic.

After I worked as a project manager in a private company in 2003, I started to refer to it in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, General Directorate of Protection and Control in 2005. I settled in Bursa in 2007 and started to work as a specialist researcher at the Central Research Institute for Food and Feed Control (“oil technology” – as an area of expertise) – and I still continue to work here. I am also responsible for doing and create projects with EU & Turkey Collaboration.

I started studying tasting related to olive oil, one of the subjects I worked in 2010, and got the title of Professional Olive Oil Taster at ONAOO, the first international school in Italy and number one in the world. I am still continuing my education.

I have organized olive oil tasting trainings with ONAOO, workshops and at the world’s most famous capital cities (Paris, Roma, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Morocco, Tunisia and Istanbul). I am a member of the jury in various competitions organized in various countries and cities of the World like Tunisia, Paris, London, San Remo, Verona.

I was a co-organiser and moderator of three of the olive oil competition held in Turkey. I took part in three training sessions held as a tutorial with ONAOO in Turkey and I work as a professional olive oil taster and a teacher at ONAOO.

Palumbo Maria Antonietta

Maria was born in Salento; she lives between Busto Arsizio, Rome and Sanremo.

She has a managerial career in the Public Administration for 28 years, in a Municipality and in a Ministry.

Maria works Free Lance, as a Journalist, PR, Communicator, Writer, and Event Organization. She has written books in teams and individually, and edited several texts and volumes.

She is a member of ONAOO and has become a professional oil taster.

She is also a chocolate taster on the Lindt panel.

For six years she has been in the olive sector, as a producer, taster, communicator, event organization.

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Official Technical Course

Official Technical Course

The first step into the world of tasting

A true expert of "liquid gold" is distinguished from a simple amateur by virtue of his training.

Advanced course

An in-depth study of sensory analysis

It allows you to consolidate and deepen your knowledge on oil tasting and inclusion in the "International Register of Professional Tasters".

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Certificate issued by a Panel Leader

Certified tasting sessions, held in the manner and within the times required by current legislation.

Official Technical Course

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Il primo passo nel mondo dell'Assaggio

Un vero esperto dell”oro liquido” si distingue da un semplice amatore in virtù della sua formazione.

Corso Avanzato

un approfondimento del sapere sull’analisi sensoriale

Consente di consolidare e approfondire le conoscenze sull’assaggio degli oli e l'inserimento nel “Registro Internazionale Assaggiatori Professionisti”.

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Sedute di Assaggio Certificate

Attestazione rilasciata da un Capo Panel

Sedute di assaggio certificate, tenute nei modi e nei tempi previsti dalla normativa vigente.