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Inernational Register

An authentic value, not only added, but fundamental, for the definition of an effective and convincing business profile.

Inernational Register
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Obtaining the Qualification of O.N.A.O.O. Professional Taster allows you to be included in this prestigious list. In order to maintain your enrollment in this register, in the years following the one in which you obtained the certificate, it is necessary to attend the annual professional updating meeting organized by O.N.A.O.O.

Not participating in the Meeting does not implicate the loss of Professional Taster status.

Joining the Register is essential because qualified national and international organizations and companies in the sector draw on the Register to find experts in the sector to be included in their business or popular realities where the figure of taster, selector or master blender is required.


The names of Professional Taster Members who attended the Annual Updating Meeting are published in the following register.

The enrollment in the Register is the important final milestone for all those who follow the complete O.N.A.O.O. path and become Professional Taster: a real added value which is essential for achieving an effective and efficient professional profile.

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Patrick O’Brien

Patrick J. O’Brien is Director of Marketing for FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars, an importer and retailer shop founded by his wife Nancy in Bar Harbor Maine in 2009. FIORE has expanded over the past 13 years with two more retail locations in Maine, three tasting bars and over 40 authorized resellers across the US. An evolution in sourcing began 8 years ago resulting in the acquisition of all FIORE seasonal EVOO from small producers with whom Patrick and Nancy have become friends.

Patrick was gifted the course of study at ONAOO by Nancy and over the past nearly three years has attended classes in Imperia, online and achieved the certification as ONAOO’s Professional Taster entirely in his second language, Italian, which is an additional source of pride in this accomplishment.

Being a Professional Olive Oil Taster brings much pride to the FIORE brand and an unprecedented understanding of olive oil to its customers. Patrick leads the company in sourcing and promoting a wide range of extra virgin olive oils through in-store tasting experiences available to all customers.

Hilda Christoff

Hilda is a certified Professional Olive Oil Taster since 2017 and a student with ONAOO since 2014.

She is a passionate home cook and baker always looking for new ways to use extra virgin olive oil in her kitchen.

She has published a Mediterranean cookbook, is a distributor of Olive oil (, has a food blog with lots of recipes ( and a YouTube channel (@iwanttocookthat3059).

Philippe Bruyninckx

Born in a country where butter is king and mayonnaise is queen, I was pleasantly surprised by the magnificent taste and pleasantness of extra virgin olive oil during my holidays in south east Crete in the 80s.

At the time, I was working in the product engineering sector in a multinational company, but I was ready for a change.

I started importing this delicious product and I set myself the challenge of letting the people who love butter in my country taste this gift of nature. As a pilot, I knew it was possible to fly without an engine, but not without knowledge and skills. I quickly realized that additional support was needed to achieve my goals.

So I knocked on ONAOO’s door. Thanks to the dedication of the teachers, I embarked on a fascinating 3-year learning path.

I enjoyed developing my skills and knowledge and thanks to this support I have seen my business grow. Through retail, restaurant, direct sales and the web shop, I distribute two superb brands of extra-virgin olive oil, one Greek and one Spanish. “” is my starting point, alongside my company “”.

Francesca Salvagno

Francesca Salvagno represents the third generation of milling art in the family company in Verona.

Besides being the marketing and communication manager of “Frantoio Salvagno”, managing the web and social media, she also cares the overseas market of the company to keep costumers and enthusiasts’ interest alive from all over the world who research more and more detailed product information.

Francesca has been a taster of ONAOO since years because she does firmly believe that knowledge and right communication can increase awareness of this special product, extra virgin olive oil.

Pio Maria Costa

Pio was born in Genoa in 1966. In 1992 he founded the company “Lorenzo Costa fu Eugenio 1860”, of which he is still the director.

The company is engaged in home sales of extra virgin olive oil and other food products. In 1996 graduated Professional Taster ONAOO. Since 1998 official taster of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce. Since 2006 member of the board of directors of ONAOO, he has also participated in competitions organized by ONAOO such as TASTER OF THE YEAR and WORLDWIDE OLIVE OIL TASTER’ CHALLENGE.

Since 2016 he has been a partner in a laboratory where he produces real fresh “Pesto Genovese”. He has participated and still participates as a judge in various olive oil competitions and the World Pesto Mortar Championship in Genoa; he is also occasionally involved in popularizing extra virgin olive oil tasting for restaurateurs or simple enthusiasts.

Angela Comenale Pinto

Angela has a degree in Psychological Science and Techniques. She is an agronomist, landscape architect and lecturer in agricultural sciences.

Angela oversees the production of her family’s historic olive grove in the Cilento area of Castellabate (SA), using sustainable agronomic practices in the belief that “agriculture can and should be integrated with the natural resources of a territory, with the aim not only of protecting the environment, but also of pursuing the best quality characteristics of the product, contributing to the creation of “well-being in place”, a fundamental element of the health of each of us.” In 2016, he became a member of ONAOO and began his educational journey.

In January 2020, he will complete his studies by obtaining the ONAOO Professional Taster qualification. On May 15, 2024, the Genoa Chamber of Commerce added Angela to the National List of Technicians and Experts of Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Wilma van Grinsven-Padberg

In 2018, Wilma finished her training at the ONAOO. She was in charge of buying Mediterranean products, including olive oil. Being Dutch, she didn’t know much about olive oil and found a school in Italy.

She loved it so much that she left her job and started working in the olive oil business. She also trained as a sommelier in New York and a master miller in Jaen. She asked the Ministry to appoint her as panel leader at the European Union. She wrote the book “Olive Oil,” which has been translated into English, French, and German.

Her book encourages olive oil lovers to meet in Imperia. O.N.A.O. is a big family! He also founded the Olive Oil Institute, which has a panel of fifteen members, most of whom were trained by O.N.A.O.O. The Institute has an electronic nose, so that testing can be done objectively. Some universities are also trying a similar method. This should improve quality overall. But the panel will always exist because human judgment is needed.

Veronica Puhk

Veronica started her career in Estonia as a Marketing Manager for one of the World’s biggest cosmetics companies.

After having her first baby in 2016, she replaced her high heels with Hunter boots and purchased a small farm in Italy to become an olive grower. Now she imports her family’s extra virgin olive oil to Estonia: CASA FONTESTATE. Every bottled harvest has a new label design from one of Estonia’s famous artists, which makes it a unique and memorable shopping experience every year.

She is a Professional Taster certified by ONAOO; in London she completed a Program to become an Olive Oil Sommelier.

Marco Gandolfi

Marco Gandolfi has been a member of the organization since 1991.

He is particularly interested in oil tasting and has been involved in this area since 1992, when he became a Professional Tasting Member. He has been a member of the ONAOO Official Panel since 2004 and has obtained the qualification of Panel Leader.

By participating annually in refresher courses organized by ONAOO, he has had the opportunity to deepen his knowledge and satisfy his curiosity about the vast world of olive oil. Over the years, he has participated as a judge in important national and international competitions.

Eva Collini

Eva Collini was born in Turin, a city linked to the automotive industry.

After working fifteen years as a quality engineer, she left her career to start a project related to extra virgin olive oil. She then enrolled in ONAOO for a technical course and an advanced course, becoming a professional taster in 2023. Meanwhile, Eva started her own project, the only oil shop in Piedmont: L’EVO di Eva.

A few years later, the oleoteca grew, helping to spread oil culture. You can buy high-quality, mainly Italian oils, and you can also buy various EVO-based products (food and cosmetics), as well as books and guides about olive oil. Eva is also on the National List of olive oil technicians and expert tasters at the Brescia Chamber of Commerce.

Sandro Franceschini

From 1988 to 1993 Sandro worked as a Buyer for “Despar Ceda Srl”. From 1993 to 1999 he worked as Category Manager for “Reggiana Alimentari”.

Since 1999 he has been Category Manager for “NORDICONAD”. From 2017 to 2020 he was Director for FIORFIORE CASH & CARRY Srl. From 2021 to 2022, he is Category Manager for CURACASA; from August 2022, he is the contact person for CONAD NORDOVEST Sales Management with the Localism Project.

Sandro has also been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2012 and he is on the regional and national lists of olive oil experts.

Margherita Chiaraviglio

Margherita Chiaraviglio is from Piedmont. She owns a company called “Frantoio Fresia S.r.l.” with her son, Andrea Fresia.

It is located in Chiusavecchia, in the hinterland of Imperia. She started making olive oil after her marriage.

After her husband died, she kept making olive oil and her passion for it. Margherita took a technical course and then an advanced course from the ONAOO School.

She passed the final exam and got the qualification of Professional Taster of ONAOO in 2023.

Valentina Taioli

Valentina, born in Verona in 1989, has been studying with ONAOO since 2020. With a degree in Food Science and Technology and ten years of experience in the industry as a quality control specialist, she has developed a strong passion for extra virgin olive oil and its unique flavours and aromas.

To deepen her knowledge and refine her tasting technique, she decided to undertake a training course.

After completing the official technical course and passing the two-year advanced course exam, she earned the qualification of professional taster from ONAOO and is now registered as an international professional taster.

Giovanni De Marco

Giovanni was born and raised in Caserta. His roots and love for his land led Giovanni to open a modern business at the foot of the Trebulani Mountains in Pontelatone (Caserta). Through path of recovery, protection, and enhancement of the most significant and ancient olive specimens, he encourages the development of marginal areas, fulfilling a remarkable biodiversity defense function.

In 2018, he enrolled in the Official Technical Course of the ONAOO School, passing the selective tests and obtaining the Certificate of Physiological Suitability. In 2019, he decided to pursue a more in-depth training path, enrolling in the Advanced Course. He passed the final exams in 2021 and obtained the ONAOO Professional Taster qualification.

He also participated in various activities organized by the School, including the ONAOO Meeting in 2020 and online tasting sessions.

Mirko Taioli

Born in Verona in 1983, he grew up in the Mezzane Valley and considers himself a citizen of the world. In life he is a computer engineer with many years of experience in the field.

Occasional walks among the olive trees help him to relax his body and mind. In 2021 he approaches O.N.A.O. to start a new educational path.

His studies end in March 2024 with an exam that certifies him as an O.N.A.O.O. Professional Taster.

Stig Karlsen

Stig has been Senior Brand Manager at Haugen-Gruppen AS, the largest food import company in Norway.

He has worked in the food sector for more than 25 years, in companies such as Nestlé, Mars, and Haugen-Gruppen AS. He started working with olive oil in 2000 when he joined Haugen-Gruppen as a Key Account Manager. He sold olive oil to the main retail chains in Norway. For 15 years he has been a brand manager in the retail sector.

For 3 years he has been a brand manager in the food service sector. In 2015, he took a technical course for olive oil tasters and started training to become a professional taster. He has participated in international meetings for “ONAOO tasters” since 2017.

He has taken part in many olive harvests and presses in Spain, Italy and Greece in the last 12 years to get to know the different “cultures” of olive oil production (from small producers to large ones) and to understand the differences. He has been teaching Norwegians about olive oil by tasting it with managers of big companies, shop managers, journalists, salespeople, and others. He now runs his own company, Lukt, Smak og Nyt (Smell, Taste and Enjoy), teaching consumers how to select and use extra virgin olive oil.

Alessandra De Agazio

Alessandra has been studies in ONAOO since 2020. After the official technical course, which released her the Certificate of Physiological Suitability for tasting, and after the certified tasting session, she has been subscribed in the “The National Register of Technicians and Experts of Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils” of Region Liguria since 2022.

In 2023, passing the exam of the 2-year advanced course, she obtained the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster and she is in the International Register of Professional Tasters.

Adriano Petacchi

Adriano was born in 1976 in Caniparola di Fosdinovo (MS) and has been a partner in the family business “Frantoio Moro” in Caniparola di Fosdinovo (MS) since 1996.

This activity allowed him to quickly learn the advantages and disadvantages of olive oil and to know much about this complex subject in a direct and detailed way, comparing him with the different territorial realities and Italian production in general. In 1999 he became an ONAOO member by attending the technical course for aspiring olive oil tasters.

Since 2002 he has been an ONAOO Professional Taster. Every year he participates in the refresher courses organized by ONAOO, where he has had the opportunity to learn about the whole world olive oil scene, evaluating the different organoleptic characteristics of each area of origin. Since 2012 he has been a member of the Tasting Committee of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce (Mipaaf recognition).

In 2015 with the achievement of eligibility for the activity he is Head Panel at the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa. He is also a juror in national tasting commissions.

Wen Ling Ellen Wu

Ellen Wu is a Professional Taster of ONAOO since 2013. She imports olive oil in Taiwan. She handles marketing and education in her company.

She teaches olive oil tasting classes to chefs, salespeople, consumers, teachers, and students.

She wants to educate people and consumers about different olive oil products. She must also teach Taiwanese people about the nutrition and health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, and help them understand different types of olive oils based on their taste.

Fabrizia Giribaldi

Professional Taster since 1991 and Auditor of O.N.A.O.O.

Lucio Carli

O.N.A.O.O. President since 1997.

Aldo Mazzini

Aldo holds a degree in Economics & Business Administration from the University of Genoa and a Master’s degree in Communication and NLP with certification from Richard Bandler’s NLP Society.

He has been involved in olive oil professionally for the past 20 years and is now one of the 100 Official Panel Leaders of the International Olive Council (IOC) and does business support in Italy and abroad. He has experience in the olive oil industry as a Master Blender and Quality control and has worked for Italian and foreign companies such as Deoleo/Carapelli and Sugat Industries Ltd.

He has been a professional taster since 2000; he won the overall first prize in 2000 and 2001 in the National Competition “Taster of the Year” organized by ONAOO. Since 2016, he has been the Creator & Founder and Organizer of the Masters of Olive Oil International Contest (MOOOIC).

He has participated in multiple Juries of National and International competitions both as a member of the Jury and as a Panel Leader. Aldo has taken part as a keynote speaker in multiple conferences on olive oil in Italy and abroad. He has taught and held Company training courses in Italy and abroad in Italian and English.

Simona Corsini

Professional Taster of O.N.A.O.O. since 2022.

Marina Solinas

Marina has a degree in Food Preparation Sciences. She is currently the Quality Manager at the “Oleificio Pietro Coricelli S.p.A.”.

Marina deals with quality certifications, contacts with customers and consumers. It also deals with the surveillance of the quality of products and processes, the control of incoming oils from a sensorial point of view. She was also Head of Quality Assurance at “Carapelli Firenze” and Quality Manager of “Agnesi Spa” for the production of pasta in the Danone group. Marina has been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2001.

Marina was the winner in 2015 of “THE GREAT CHALLENGE – THE WORLDWIDE OLIVE OIL TASTERS’ CHALLENGE” at the Milan EXPO. She regularly attends refresher courses organized by ONAOO of which she has also become a member of the Council in 2019.

Osman Tezeren

Osman, who is passionate about olives and olive oil, grew up in Izmir, one of the major olive producing regions of Turkey.

He has extensive experience in blending and sensory evaluation in the tobacco business since 1996 and is currently a master blender and panel leader in a leading global tobacco company. In 2019, he decided to expand his sensory knowledge in olive oil with ONAOO’s technical course.

After two years of training, he obtained the qualification of Professional Taster of ONAOO in 2023. He provides consultancy to farmers and olive oil producers in Turkey and product experience in Switzerland.

Domenico Donato

Domenico was born in Messina in 1986 and graduated in biological sciences with a degree in nutrition.

He currently works as the chemical laboratory manager for oil quality control at ‘Manfredi Barbera e Figli SPA,’ one of the most well-known oil mills in Sicily. In 2021, he obtained his physiological suitability for tasting and in 2024 he obtained the title of professional taster O.N.A.O.O.

Marco Bastiani

Marco’s academic credentials—a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Banking, a Master’s degree in Family Mediation, and twenty years of work at a banking institution—did not dissuade him from pursuing a new career path in 2016.

His roots were firmly planted in his family’s olive grove in upper Tuscia (meaning the Viterbese area and generally upper Lazio). From an early age, this location represented leisure, feasting, and conviviality during the harvesting and oil production seasons.

As he matured, he embarked on a new adventure with the goal of emulating his Etruscan ancestors, the first true ambassadors of the culture of olive oil of exceptional quality. He pursued his education primarily through the large family of ONAOO and in March 2022, he graduated as a Professional Taster.

For the past three years, he has been based in Bavaria, where he runs a business offering both advisory services to specialty retailers and restaurateurs and the import and sale of high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Edmondo Minisci

Edmondo Minisci is an O.N.A.O.O. Professional Taster and Board Member.

Claudia Knapp

Claudia lives in Scuol (Switzerland) and in Dolceacqua in the province of Imperia, where she owns a land with olive trees.

Since 2011 from these olive trees she produces extra virgin olive oil with the label “DONNA CLAUDIA”. Registered since 2015 in the National List of technicians and experts of virgin and extra virgin olive oils – held by Mi.P.A.F.F. (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies). Claudia obtained the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster in 2017.

She has been an importer of quality olive oil since 2016. Claudia is also a Journalist for a Swiss Television – Hotel Manager – Museum Curator; she also works in the cultural sector.

Sheng Tsai Alex Lu

Alex, a native food enthusiast and skilled chef from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, runs a restaurant called Alessandro Mediterranean, which offers a wide array of delectable Mediterranean dishes.

Driven by his passion for European cuisine, Alex has also established a European gourmet food store. This store specializes in various European food products and tableware, with a particular emphasis on Italian cuisine. It aims to bring authentic European flavors to its customers by providing high-quality ingredients, handcrafted products, and elegant silverware, creating a unique dining experience. Alex honed his skills in this area as a professional olive oil taster by completing his training in ONAOO in 2018. He also serves as a trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association.

With these skills, he ensures that customers receive the finest products and services. To help customers understand European culinary culture better, Alex’s store regularly hosts cooking and coffee classes and wine-tasting events. These activities allow customers to learn how to create authentic European dishes hands-on and bring the Italian lifestyle to their homes.

Elia Pellegrino

Elia Pellegrino was born in Bari on February 17, 1968, and currently resides in Andria (BT).

He is married with two children and holds a degree in Certified Accountant Programmer. He has been an ONAOO professional taster since 1997. Since 1991, Elia has served as the sole director of Azienda Olearia PELLEGRINO1890 S.r.l. ( He is an agricultural entrepreneur operating a one-man business.

In 2022, he assumed the role of president of AIFO (, succeeding in 2012 when he was elected vice president. Since 2018, he has served as vice president of OP Aproli Bari scarl ( and board member of Filiera Olivicola Olearia Italiana FOOI. He has been a board member of Consorzio Olio IGP Puglia since 2021.

Massimo Epifani

Massimo Epifani is a doctor of agriculture.

He works as a lecturer and consultant. He was born professionally at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Perugia, specializing in planning toward innovation and development of the agribusiness sector. He participates as an expert in television programs such as Linea Verde (RAI-TV).

His latest works include scientific contributions to the Enogastronomic Guide “Lungo le vie dell’Evo” (Michelin editions) and the book “La Via dell’Olio” (Edizioni Alinari), which he authored.

He is a lecturer at the University for Foreigners of Perugia and teaches Master’s degrees on the popularization and valorization of extra virgin olive oil. He is also the creator of the Bicolio, a practical tasting glass that is disposable and compostable.

Antonella Meyer-Masciulli

Antonella has been an ONAOO professional taster since 2017.

After obtaining her sensory certification, she has been a member and judge of the Swiss Olive Oil Panel (SOP) at the ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management since 2002.

Since 2002 she has been a judge for the “ZHAW International Olive Oil Award” and other international competitions. She is the owner and managing director of “Mitera GmbH”: a producer of Cretan millennial quality olive oil, approved by DNA in both Crete and Umbria. She is also a nutritionist.

Catherine Fogel

Catherine Fogel has been engaged in the field of gastronomy since 2002. In the same year, she met ONAOO and became a taster.

She subsequently completed a course for panel leaders organized by ONAOO in 2005, attaining the qualification of panel leader. In 2018, having completed an advanced educational course, she obtained the ONAOO Professional Taster qualification. In 2008, Catherine founded “Olivoteque” to present quality olive oils to consumers (

She also provides consulting services to several companies in Europe, assisting with the administration and sourcing of high-quality products. Since 2004, Catherine has been a judge in several gastronomic competitions, including the World Cheese Awards, which she has been involved with since 2008. She is also a member of the Guild of International Cheesemongers.

In 2011, she was appointed Ambassador for the Scandinavian countries. In 2021, she was appointed Chevalier de L’Ordre du Merite Agricole by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food. She frequently collaborates with numerous renowned European chefs.

Berk Özler

Berk is a researcher at the World Bank with a PhD in economics.

He has been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2022. His partner, Sarah Baird, and he have young olive trees in the South Island of New Zealand (Aotearoa) and they hope to produce extra virgin olive oil from their grove.

They live with two dogs and two sheep, love animals, and enjoy plant-based cooking.

Giuseppe Fiorentino

Giuseppe was born in a small town in the province of Foggia, San Giovanni Rotondo.

For work reasons he moved to Campania, where he still lives today.

Strongly tied to the memories of his beloved Puglia, Giuseppe decides to open a farm to be able to carry on the family business to which his father has dedicated himself for more than 50 years; in the middle of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, every year 2,400 olive trees are finely selected in order to offer the best extra virgin olive oil.

In order to enrich his knowledge, Giuseppe decides to start his training course in the ONAOO School in 2018 and ended in 2021: after passing the exams of the Advanced Course, Giuseppe obtains the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

In addition to the training activities, Giuseppe participated in the ONAOO Meeting in 2020 and other online tasting activities also organized by the School.

Dino Calzia

Dino has been a Member of the Organization since 1989 and he is a Professional Taster since 1991.

Dino is also a Member of the ONAOO Tasting Committee (Panel).

Danielle Smith

Danielle was born in England, but she has lived in Italy for over 35 years.

After obtaining a degree in history, she began working in tourism. Her passion for olives started with the olive grove around her hotel on Lake Como. Later, due to a challenge with her husband, she decided to open an olive mill high in the mountains at 1816 meters in Livigno. From there, she began her adventure in the world of extra virgin olive oil with her company “O’Liv”.

Prior to establishing the company, he attended ONAOO’s technical course in 2020 to expand his knowledge.

During the course, she developed a passion for oil tasting and qualified to join the national list of virgin and extra virgin olive oil technicians and experts in 2022. Following the two-year advanced training course, she became a professional olive oil taster in 2024. She frequently attends ONAOO’s tasting sessions as she believes that training is essential for personal and professional growth as a taster.

Ilknur Turkeli Civelek

Besides her management career as a Civil Engineer and Economist, Ilknur pursued her ambition to learn more about the plants and herbs of her native Turkey and their nutritional importance since 2004, gaining degrees in Agriculture and Culinary Arts.

Growing up on the Aegean coast of Anatolia amongst ancient olive groves led her become a Certified Olive Oil Sommelier and in 2019 started her educational path in the ONAOO School ended in 2022 becoming a Professional Taster.

She currently conducts masterclasses and is a consultant on the subject of the Mediterranean lifestyle, specializing in olive oil tasting and its use in cooking since she’s a Chef. She’s also a Business Consultant based in UK.

Manuela Guatelli

Manuela was born in Genoa but spent her entire childhood in Imperia. She currently resides between Imperia, Shanghai, and Bangkok.

She represents the fourth generation of can makers and is actively involved in the “Guatelli Museum”, which houses the Family Collection of Italian Olive Oil Cans. This collection comprises over 6,000 pieces of olive oil cans and lithographic stones, which provide important evidence of the flourishing industry related to the oil trade that developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In 2006, Manuela relocated to Asia with her husband and four sons. Despite the distance, she has not forgotten her roots. She has promoted the prestige of extra virgin olive oil, the history and flavors of Mediterranean cuisine beyond national borders through organizing Italian cooking classes, on-demand chefs and catering.

Her passion for extra virgin olive oil has its roots in her family; in fact, her father dedicated his life to the production of oil cans. My father, who crossed Europe every week to sell his cans, would return home on weekends with stories and anecdotes about this fascinating industry.

Having a global vision of the oil market, he could grasp even the smallest nuances of it, which made me want to be part of this wonderful world. In recent years, she finally managed to crown her passion by attending the ONAOO Course and becoming a Professional Taster in 2024. Manuela is actively engaged with several Italian associations abroad, promoting the history, culture, and art of extra virgin olive oil tasting on a global scale.

Nina Vestmark Christiansen

Nina is a dedicated olive oil nerd with a passion and mission to spread the knowledge about and access to high-quality EVOO in Denmark. She has been an ONAOO Professional Taster since 2022. Nina owns “Oliviers & Co.” in Denmark with her partner.

The business was established in 2019 after Nina had been working in the Copenhagen boutique shop on and off since 2006, next to her university studies. Nina disseminates knowledge about EVOO at the two “Oliviers & Co.” boutique shops in Copenhagen. Customers are guided and can sample the extensive range of olive oils from reputable producers with full traceability, along with other Mediterranean delicacies.

The shops are located in Frederiksberg and in the food market “TorvehallerneKBH”. She also teaches about olive oil at monthly olive oil tastings in the boutique and at events. Additionally, she oversees the online operations of the “Oliviers & Co.” web shop – – and its associated social media channels, where she engages with consumers about olive oil. Nina holds a degree in Public Health and Food Policy from a university.

Roberto Rastrelli

Roberto Rastrelli is a Professional Taster of ONAOO since 1989.

Yuko Ogino

I was born in Japan but have lived in several countries, including Italy for 16 years, where I undertook a course of study.

I began my professional career as an Export Manager for Mitsubishi Italia S.p.A. in the food industry, developing a passion for good food with a focus on olive oil, which soon became my main occupation. Since returning to Japan, I have been working as a Purchasing Manager for a major company specializing in cheese imports

In 2016, I commenced my training with ONAOO, which concluded in 2022 with my designation as a Professional Taster. I intend to pursue this interest further.

Nicola Lotito

Nicola Lotito, born in 1960, Lives in Andria (BT). Nicola has been employed by Azienda Pellegrino S.r.l. since 1990, where he currently serves as Technical Manager in the production sector.

In addition to his managerial duties, Nicola oversees bottling operations with a small team of collaborators. In 1991, he attended the extra virgin olive oil tasting course organized by ONAOO, and in 1992, he obtained the diploma of professional taster with mention of merit. Since 2015, he has been included in the Apulia Region’s Master Oilman Register.

Since 1992, Nicola has attended refresher courses for oil tasters. He participates in numerous trade fairs and workshops and also organizes farm incoming for national and foreign delegations and for schools of different orders. Nicola is a member of the national project “BIMBOIL,” for which he coordinates and facilitates tasting classes for elementary schools.

Giovanni Amoretti

Giovanni Amoretti was born in Imperia in 1994.

He is the fourth generation of Amoretti family oil producers. He is in charge of marketing, production, and selecting oils and blends to maintain a high-quality final product.

He has been an ONAOO taster for many years because he is passionate about his work. In 2024, Giovanni received the Qualification as Professional Taster. He thinks good communication can turn a condiment into a main ingredient on our table.

Liana DavletŠina

Since 2017, she’s been a professional olive oil taster for ONAOO. She’s also an olive oil and wine sommelier, a passionate foodie, and an avid traveler. Liana is a former lawyer who has been in the food import business for 12 years.

She started her company, ITALISKO SKONIO GURMANAI Ltd., in Italy, focusing on extra virgin olive oil. She also opened three specialised Italian gourmet stores and an e-commerce store in Lithuania. Ten years ago, she set up the first olive oil school in Lithuania. She also puts on events, courses, tastings, and tasting dinners, as well as promoting olive oil culture.

She represents more than 25 quality olive oil producers from the world’s best ranking in Lithuania. Liana and her company ITALISKO SKONIO GURMANAI Ltd. were absolutely thrilled to be awarded by International olive oil guide Flos Olei as the best Importer in the world of the year 2016!

Leonidas Komvokis

Leonidas Komvokis is a resident and business owner in Drama, East Macedonia and Thrace.

He is an agricultural and olive entrepreneur. He is an olive pruner and has participated in several professional olive pruning courses organized by the A.S.S.A.M. School (Marche). In 2016, Leonidas became a member of ONAOO, where he began his training. In January 2020, he completed his studies by obtaining the Professional Taster Qualification.

Leonidas believes that a deep understanding of the elements of olive oil quality is an effective way forward in the field of olive growing and entrepreneurship. He provides olive oil quality consulting services as well as olive tree pruning and management services on a contract basis. In recent years, the company has focused on developing a project with the planting of 20 hectares of organic olive trees and varieties exclusively indigenous to the area.

The goal is to highlight these varieties and create monovarietal oils of unique quality, showcasing the quality characteristics of the area and the POLYCONIC VASE-shaped management model that can guarantee the highest quality of olive oil. Quality is a core value that guides our commitment to the environment, consumers, and the reputation of our organization, which is represented by the ONAOO.

Maria Antonietta Palumbo

Maria was born in Salento and lives between Busto Arsizio, Rome and San Remo. She has had a career in public administration for 28 years, in a municipality and a ministry.

Maria works freelance as a journalist, PR, communicator, writer, event organizer. She has written books in teams and individually, and has edited several texts and volumes. She is a member of ONAOO and became a Professional Oil Taster at the ONAOO School in 2017.

She is also a chocolate taster in the Lindt panel. For the last six years she has been working in the oil industry as a producer, taster, communicator and event organizer.

Online Course


Official Technical Course

Official Technical Course

The first step into the world of tasting

A true expert of "liquid gold" is distinguished from a simple amateur by virtue of his training.

Advanced course

An in-depth study of sensory analysis

It allows you to consolidate and deepen your knowledge on oil tasting and inclusion in the "International Register of Professional Tasters".

Online courses


To learn how to taste olive oil directly from your home.

Certified Tasting Sessions

Certificate issued by a Panel Leader

Certified tasting sessions, held in the manner and within the times required by current legislation.

Official Technical Course

Corso Tecnico Ufficiale

Il primo passo nel mondo dell'Assaggio

Un vero esperto dell”oro liquido” si distingue da un semplice amatore in virtù della sua formazione.

Corso Avanzato

un approfondimento del sapere sull’analisi sensoriale

Consente di consolidare e approfondire le conoscenze sull’assaggio degli oli e l'inserimento nel “Registro Internazionale Assaggiatori Professionisti”.

Corsi Online


Per imparare ad assaggiare un olio di oliva direttamente da casa tua.

Sedute di Assaggio Certificate

Attestazione rilasciata da un Capo Panel

Sedute di assaggio certificate, tenute nei modi e nei tempi previsti dalla normativa vigente.