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Who we are

First school in the world for the dissemination of olive oil tasting, in line with the principles and programs of the founding fathers.

Who we are

O.N.A.O.O. SINCE 1983.

The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters was the very first in the world to spread the technique of olive oil tasting. From 1983 until now, most of its institutional activities have been oriented towards the training of thousands of professionals who, by participating from every continent in courses and multiples initiatives related to the “olive oil world”, have become important global reference points in this sector.

From 40 years, O.N.A.O.O. is now known and, often imitated, throughout the world.

O.N.A.O.O. is not only training but, always from a super partes position and inspired by scientific rigour, represents a place for exchange, experience, debate and defence of the quality of olive oil.


O.N.A.O.O. courses are the results of learning from ancient knowledge, handed down by founding fathers of the Organization, combined with the most modern scientific insights: thanks to constantly updated training proposal and teachers of the highest international level, students can draw on an invaluable heritage resulting from years of study, in-depth analysis and work in the field.

All the courses are designed to meet the needs of a wide and differentiated audience: from those approaching the olive oil world for the first time, to operators in the olive oil sector looking for further expertise on the entire olive oil chain.

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The course teachers are all qualified and experienced speakers who are able to debunk many commonplaces related to olive oil: in fact, E.V.O.O. is often spoken of, but with incorrect or incomplete information.

The teachers of the O.N.A.O.O. courses know how to fill these gaps with their invaluable background of data, notions and experience in the field, teaching in a simple but always comprehensive way how to know olive oil, hot to taste it and how to perceive the differences between different varieties.


Every course is not a rigid formal lesson, but a constant dialogue between teachers and students based on exchanges, curiosity, comparisons and opportunity to dispel doubts, confront one’s own professional knowledge and deal with all topics related to the olive oil industry.

Olive oil enthusiast will find in an O.N.A.O.O. course the opportunity to open unexpected professional doors or, more simply, to follow a fascinating training to discover this nourishment that is as ancient and precious as it is attractive.

Lucio Carli


He is married and he has a son (Alessandro) and a daughter (Francesca). Graduated in Food Preparation / Food Chemistry and Technology. In 1995, he obtained the eligibility for the activity of Panel Leader. President of the O.N.A.O.O. since 1997. Member of the Presidential Committee of Federolio.

Former Vice-President of SISSG (Italian Society for the Study of Fatty Substances), of which today he is Adviser. He is Adviser in Charge of Cosmetica Italia and Adviser of Netcomm (Italian E-Commerce Consortium). Since 1991, he has been active in several sectors (from quality assurance to the development of new products and systems) in the family company – Fratelli Carli Spa – of which he is with mandate of the HACCP system.

Since 1996, he has increased an e-commerce activity and other marketing activities. In 1997, he created “Mediterranea” the Cosmetics Division of Fratelli Carli, a complete range of cosmetics based on olive oil. The growth of this project has strengthened the company’s activities. Today, it is increasingly focused on the development of innovative products and projects – in Italy and abroad – for the company’s growth.

Marcello Scoccia

Vice President – Head of the O.N.A.O.O. School – Chief Panel

Since 1986 he has been responsible for blending and sensory analysis at leading global companies in the olive oil sector. Professional taster, Technical Deputy President and Panel Leader of the “CCIAA Imperia – ONAOO” Panel.

Lecturer in professional technical courses and university masters on sensory analysis. Speaker at international conferences on olive oil and sensory analysis.

Author of publications, articles and books on oil and tasting. Expert in international olive oil markets.

Carlotta Pasetto


ONAOO taster, lecturer holding technical and professional courses in Italy and abroad.

Trainer in informative courses about olive oil, sensory analysis and tasting lab with children.

Member of the recognized olive oil tasting commitee ONAOO-CCIAA Imperia. She got the Panel Leader qualification

Speaker at international conferences about olive oil and sensory analysis. Author of articles on olive oil and tasting.

Member of the jury of international olive oil contests.

Freelance consultant on selection, quality control and blending for national and international olive oil companies.

Barbara Ricca

Administrative Manager


Married and mother of Francesco and Fabio. She attended a high school with a focus on accounting

in 1989 she obtained the professional qualification of Accountant. In 1985, she started working for ONAOO with the role of Head Secretary, also dealing with the organization of events with the Chamber of Commerce of Imperia.

Since 2004, she has been involved in volunteering activities as a founding member of “HANDARPERMARE ONLUS”.

Sara Bruzzone


In 2011, she graduated in Humanitarian Sciences. The passion for travel has taken her around Australia, Spain, Holland and United Kingdom where she moved from 2011 to 2014.

In London, she worked in one of the most famous Italian restaurant chains. From that experience, she began to be more curious and interested in the world of food. She learned how much English people love Italian cuisine and how important the Mediterranean diet is to Italians.

That is why she has always tried to advise customers on the best dish paired with a good wine. In 2014, she started working in O.N.A.O.O., as a Secretary. Since she began her journey with ONAOO she understood how important and fundamental oil is.

Silvana Melville


Born in Naples (Italy) on 26/2/1952

After graduating as interpreter, I moved to South of France on 1976 where I have been living since.

Married to a scotsman, I am a multi-skilled simultaneous interpreter with 35 years experience, translating between English, French and Italian in different areas: Business & finance, commercial, medical, political and cultural.

In addition to being passionate about my job, I enjoy dedicating my free time to my 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters and to the education of young people.

Delighted and honoured to be part of the O.N.A.O.O., school of excellence for olive oil educational programs.

registered office

The ONAOO has its registered office at the Unioncamere in Rome in the monumental-archaeological complex in Piazza Sallustio 21.

training site

The ONAOO has its Technical/Administrative Training Center at the Imperia Chamber of Commerce (Riviere di Liguria) in the ancient “Sasso” building in via Tommaso Schiva 29.


Natural persons can join O.N.A.O.O. as Ordinary Members, while Chambers of Commerce, Regional Unions of Chamber of Commerce and all other Entities can adhere as Supporting Members.

All those wishing to join O.N.A.O.O. must accept and comply with ONAOO’s Articles of Association, committing to pay the membership fee to the extent and with the procedures determined by the Board.

The membership fee is € 100 and it can be paid via one of the following payment methods:

Cash or bank check at the headquarters of O.N.A.O.O.’s Secretariat, Via T. Schiva 29, Imperia;

Bank transfer at the following coordinates:

BANCA PASSADORE & C., Via Bonfante 18, 18100 Imperia
IBAN: IT 43 S 03332 10500 000000713250

PayPal at:

Official Technical Course



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Registration in the register is an authentic value, not only added, but fundamental, for the definition of an effective and convincing business profile

This membership opens the door to all the possibilities that the world of oil offers to the tasting professional.

Official Technical Course

Corso Tecnico Ufficiale

Il primo passo nel mondo dell'Assaggio

Un vero esperto dell”oro liquido” si distingue da un semplice amatore in virtù della sua formazione.

Corso Avanzato

un approfondimento del sapere sull’analisi sensoriale

Consente di consolidare e approfondire le conoscenze sull’assaggio degli oli e l'inserimento nel “Registro Internazionale Assaggiatori Professionisti”.

Corsi Online


Per imparare ad assaggiare un olio di oliva direttamente da casa tua.

Sedute di Assaggio Certificate

Attestazione rilasciata da un Capo Panel

Sedute di assaggio certificate, tenute nei modi e nei tempi previsti dalla normativa vigente.