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Lu Sheng Tsai Alex
( Taiwan )
Lu Sheng Tsai Alex


Alex, a native food enthusiast and skilled chef from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, runs a restaurant called Alessandro Mediterranean, which offers a wide array of delectable Mediterranean dishes.

Driven by his passion for European cuisine, Alex has also established a European gourmet food store.

This store specializes in various European food products and tableware, with a particular emphasis on Italian cuisine. It aims to bring authentic European flavors to its customers by providing high-quality ingredients, handcrafted products, and elegant silverware, creating a unique dining experience.

Alex honed his skills in this area as a professional olive oil taster by completing his training in ONAOO in 2018. He also serves as a trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association.

With these skills, he ensures that customers receive the finest products and services. To help customers understand European culinary culture better, Alex’s store regularly hosts cooking and coffee classes and wine-tasting events.

These activities allow customers to learn how to create authentic European dishes hands-on and bring the Italian lifestyle to their homes.




Kaohsiung City, Fengshan District, Taiwan



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Carli Lucio

He is married and he has a son (Alessandro) and a daughter (Francesca). Graduated in Food Preparation / Food Chemistry and Technology. In 1995, he obtained the eligibility for the activity of Panel Leader. President of the O.N.A.O.O. since 1997. Member of the Presidential Committee of Federolio.

Former Vice-President of SISSG (Italian Society for the Study of Fatty Substances), of which today he is Adviser. He is Adviser in Charge of Cosmetica Italia and Adviser of Netcomm (Italian E-Commerce Consortium). Since 1991, he has been active in several sectors (from quality assurance to the development of new products and systems) in the family company – Fratelli Carli Spa – of which he is with mandate of the HACCP system.

Since 1996, he has increased an e-commerce activity and other marketing activities. In 1997, he created “Mediterranea” the Cosmetics Division of Fratelli Carli, a complete range of cosmetics based on olive oil. The growth of this project has strengthened the company’s activities. Today, it is increasingly focused on the development of innovative products and projects – in Italy and abroad – for the company’s growth.

Macchi Tomaso

Tomaso, originally from Vicenza, worked for many years in the marketing sector of an important machine manufacturer.

Driven by curiosity and a strong passion for this wonderful product, olive oil, Tomaso decides to undertake a training course aimed at deepening his knowledge and refining the tasting technique: for this reason he becomes aware of the First School in the world of sensory analysis, the ONAOO. He first enrolled in the Official Technical Course and obtained the Certificate of Physiological Suitability for Tasting in May 2018.

More and more fascinated and willing to learn, he enrolled in the Advanced Course: after two years of study aimed at deepening the tasting technique, in June 2021 he passed the exam and thus obtained the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster.

Tomaso also regularly attends the activities organized by the ONAOO School and is also enrolled in the National List of Technicians and Experts in virgin and extra virgin olive oils.

Özerson Duygu Elakdar

I was born in Ankara in 1978. After graduating from the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Ankara, I graduated in Marketing from the Sorbonne University.

After working for many years in the fashion sector in Paris, I decided to return to Turkey and to settle in Urla (Smyrna) in 2011, where I got married and had 2 children.

With the aim of producing the best olive oil in Urla, I started my training at ONAOO (Italy). After 5 years of training, I obtained the qualification of Professional Taster, and I launched my brand “Hiç Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. “Hiç Edible Olive Forest” is the place where my family and I produce olive oil and it is made up of 60,000 olive trees; this olive grove is the center of our holistic approach where nature, sustainable agriculture and gastronomy meet.

In 2018 we opened our restaurant, “Hiç Lokanta ve Tadım Atölyesi” (restaurant and tasting laboratory), where we emphasize all this diversity, the seasonality of nature’s treasures with New Urla Cuisine.

Now the “Hiç” brand has become a gastronomy and agricultural tourism platform with the Hiç olive grove in the center.

De Agazio Alessandra

Alessandra has been studies in ONAOO since 2020.

After the official technical course, which released her the certificate of physiological suitability for tasting, and after the certified tasting session, she has been subscribed in the “Elenco Nazionale dei tecnici ed esperti degli oli di oliva vergini ed extravergini” of Regione Liguria since 2022.

In 2023, passing the exam of the 2-year advanced course, she obtained the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster and she is in the International Register of Professional Tasters.

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Registration in the register is an authentic value, not only added, but fundamental, for the definition of an effective and convincing business profile

This membership opens the door to all the possibilities that the world of oil offers to the tasting professional.

Official Technical Course

The first step into the world of Tasting

Training as professional olive oil tasters is not only a personal pleasure: the universe that revolves around olive oil and its supply chain also offers a wide range of job, growth and specialization opportunities.

The course is open to everyone, even to those without any experience in the oil sector.

Participants who pass the four selective tests receive a Certificate of Physiological Suitability for Tasting.


Advanced Course

an in-depth knowledge of sensory analysis

The advanced course allows you to consolidate and deepen your knowledge of oil tasting and obtain the qualification of ONAOO Professional Taster, but above all, to be included in the "International Register of Professional Tasters".

The ONAOO advanced course, aimed at inclusion in the International Register of Professional Tasters

Qualified national and international organizations and companies in the sector draw from the Register to find experts in the sector to include in their entrepreneurial realities


Online Courses


To learn how to taste an olive oil directly from your home.

An individual lesson with a tasting professional

A real experience to take the first steps in the world of the oil supply chain and oil tasters.


Certified Tasting Days


Participants are invited to recognize strengths, weaknesses, qualities and organoleptic characteristics of the various oils

Attestation issued by a Panel Head

A practical test in which everything learned during the technical course is applied in practice.

Official Technical Course

Official Technical Course

The first step into the world of tasting

A true expert of "liquid gold" is distinguished from a simple amateur by virtue of his training.

Advanced course

An in-depth study of sensory analysis

It allows you to consolidate and deepen your knowledge on oil tasting and inclusion in the "International Register of Professional Tasters".

Online courses


To learn how to taste olive oil directly from your home.

Certified Tasting Sessions

Certificate issued by a Panel Leader

Certified tasting sessions, held in the manner and within the times required by current legislation.

Official Technical Course

Corso Tecnico Ufficiale

Il primo passo nel mondo dell'Assaggio

Un vero esperto dell”oro liquido” si distingue da un semplice amatore in virtù della sua formazione.

Corso Avanzato

un approfondimento del sapere sull’analisi sensoriale

Consente di consolidare e approfondire le conoscenze sull’assaggio degli oli e l'inserimento nel “Registro Internazionale Assaggiatori Professionisti”.

Corsi Online


Per imparare ad assaggiare un olio di oliva direttamente da casa tua.

Sedute di Assaggio Certificate

Attestazione rilasciata da un Capo Panel

Sedute di assaggio certificate, tenute nei modi e nei tempi previsti dalla normativa vigente.